Use the following operational tips to get the maximum from your INTERGAS Gas Appliance

Intergas L.P. Gas Stove is simple and safe to use. Turn Gas Stove upside down & fit the rubber grommets into place.

Connect Gas Stove to the gas cylinder by fitting the free end of rubber tube to the inlet connection nozzle. The rubber tubing should be laid in such a manner so as to avoid sharp bends.

While lighting the burner, first open the gas valve on the cylinder. Bring a lighted match stick to the burner which is to be lit. Then push the relevant knob and turn it to the "ON" position.

While putting off the burner, first close the regulating valve provided with the cylinder and then turn stove knob to "OFF" position.

The cylinder should not be tilted horizontally while in use.

Take care to avoid spillage while cooking as this may result in extinguishing of flame and clogging of burner holes.

Before removing a dish from the burner, switch off the appropriate knob.

Do not try to dismantle or repair yourself the gas valves or burner nozzles as the same may not be replaced properly due to damaging of threads or lack of proper tools or training.

In case of any difficulty regarding operation, please contact your nearest gas dealer for necessary action.

General Tips

Dress for safety in the kitchen. Don’t wear loose-fitting clothes like nightgowns and bathrobes. Also don’t wear jewelry or dangling sleeves that can get caught in the cooking appliance. Please tie hair back.

Wash hands before starting to cook. Also wash hands at regular intervals to prevent spread of germs.

Cover cuts, if any, with waterproof dressing and change the dressing after cooking.

Keep inflammable things away from the cooking area and cooking appliances. Also towels, pot holders, pizza boxes, paper bags should be kept away from the stove.

Clean grease build-up from your INTERGAS stove, oven and exhaust fan regularly. Remember, cooking grease and oil ignite easily and burn rapidly.

Do not try to carry a burning pan outside or to the sink. You could accidentally spread the fire.

Keep a lid, baking soda, or a fire extinguisher handy in the kitchen.

Knives can be potentially dangerous, so cut on a proper cutting surface, away from the body.

Keep pot handles turned inward, out of the reach of children and pets.

Store frequently needed items in other areas of the kitchen. Don’t store cookies or other “treats” near the stove. It might tempt little children to climb on the stove. Keep young children and pets away from cooking areas entirely.

Use oven gloves when handling hot dishes.

Shield yourself from steam when uncovering food, especially microwave servings. Steam can cause serious burns.

Never leave cooking unattended. If you must leave the kitchen for some reason, turn the flame off.

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